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While debt collection is most often associated with consumer accounts, there is a growing need in the business community for a collection company that specializes in business-to-business debts and past due payments.

Accounts Receivable is just such a company, with an extensive amount of experience collecting debts from companies whose financial situation has become less than ideal.

Our professional team knows a bad financial situation when they see one, and this can be a major asset for our clients. Indeed, the most common reason that a payment has become severely past due is simply that the company has lost its financial footing. This can spell real problems for all of their business partners and creditors, as it means they’ll likely continue into a worse financial situation before they can hope to emerge with the proper financial makeup. Those companies that wait too long to collect a debt, or even contact the company, can find themselves facing the prospect of simply never receiving payment.

By choosing Accounts Receivable, our commercial clients get access to a few key services and methods:

  • An online portal with access to real time updates on your active files 24 hours per day.
  • Experience and stability having been in this industry for over 25 years.
  • A commitment to ensuring that each debtor understands their obligation, rights, and payment procedures

Accounts Receivable knows the right time to contact a company and make sure that they do their best to get current on their accounts. Our professional team of collectors can make sure that any debt is prioritized by making a claim to the balance early on. That can be a significant advantage if the company does become insolvent at some point in the future.

Best of all, our collection services mean that our corporate clients can dedicate their time and energy to more critical pursuits, like business strategy and market domination. Our collection agents will handle the rest, and they’ll ensure that company budgets won’t be constrained due to a financially toxic business-to-business relationship.

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